For nearly three decades, BRH-Garver has enjoyed the challenge of installing microtunneling projects of all sizes and soil conditions throughout the United States. Since our first microtunnel project in 1986, BRH-Garver has continually performed microtunnel work, making us the most experienced microtunnel contractor in North America. BRH-Garver leads the development of the industry by the introduction of new microtunneling technologies of slurry microtunneling in the early 1990´s, pilot tube microtunneling in 2000, and with the first public works installation of PVC sewer pipe using vacuum microtunneling in 2009.

Microtunneling technology creates distinct advantages: We are eager to work with you in planning and building your microtunnel or tunnel projects. If you have any questions about microtunneling on projects you are considering, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

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