Pipe Jacking & Conventional Tunneling

BRH Garver Construction L.P. has installed miles of utility tunnels in the United States. Equipment selections can include Conventional Open Faced Tunnel Boring Machines, TBMS with Flood Doors, Earth Pressure Balanced TBM´S and Hard Rock TBM´S, the choice based on individual job requirements. Our TBM´S range from 3.5 Feet in diameter to 12 feet in diameter. If ground or site conditions dictate we can install tunnels by traditional hand excavation.

Utilizing this equipment BRH Garver Construction L.P. has installed Ring Beam and Lagging Tunnels, Liner Plate Tunnels and Conventional Pipe Jacking.

We have a large staff of experienced and professional Tunneling Personnel and have installed many successful projects in a wide range of ground conditions and project locales.